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El Paso, TX
reply to FFH5

Re: Performance

said by FFH5:

And a shaper probe run: ...

I've become very suspicious of those shape detectors... I'm 100% sure my ISP has traffic shaping, but I've never had it detected by any of the tests I've seen online.

Here's how my ISP does it:

It slows down all transfers to a crawl to other users of any other ISP.
It doesn't slow the traffic down within my same ISP or any server that isn't a client of a big ISP.
As if to trying to prevent users from setting up servers for the public. (after all, only those domains are bound to have many users)
I'm 100% sure it is in fact traffic shaping, because all it takes for me to get around that speed cap to other ISPs is to turn on my VPN.