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Bellaire, OH
reply to TigerLord


said by TigerLord:

I am pretty sure SWTOR will go down as Bioware's biggest embarassement. To date, anyway.

ME3 ending.

Funkier than a mohair disco ball.
united state
said by BigReds42:

said by TigerLord:

I am pretty sure SWTOR will go down as Bioware's biggest embarassement. To date, anyway.

ME3 ending.

Dragon Age 2.

Sad, BioWare used to be my favorite dev.

Cary, NC
reply to BigReds42
I don't think you will convince many here to side with you; especially since people like myself feel burned. The game launched with serious issues and was the first MMO I ever played that required a multi-hour conversation to support before playing. Strike 1. Fine, launch issues can be overcome so long as the title is good, but unfortunately the game felt too much like I was playing WoW in another universe, but not the 7 year polished WoW, but the incest born red-headed child of it's twice-removed cousins version. When games don't do anything revolutionary, (sorry, cutscenes (WoW had them in limited fashion in LK) and voice acting (EQ2) don't count) then it is hard to explain the use of time.

A good story is only part of an MMO, the problem with SWToR wasn't it's story, it was that instead of charging a RPG cost of $60 with no monthly fee (with may have been more reasonable) they added the monthly cost and forgot to provide adequate support for the game.

Thinking about it, f*ck this game. I convinced my dad and brother to waste their money on this pile that is less useful than the collector's box it came in. Come to think about it, the box is a great place to put the game before hitting the trash. Glad you like it bro, but don't shit on us because we expect more for the kind of money we paid, and the developer paid to bring this game public.
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Las Vegas, NV
If you're going to copy the WoW MMO formula, at least optimize the game engine the fuck sakes. Besides everything that was copied from WoW, it ran like dogshit to boot. You would spend a lot of time on the Imperial Fleet, which was a complete slide show.

Totally unacceptable.

And to honest, cut scenes and voice acting was cool for about the 1st 20 levels.

After that, it became tiresome and boring. I was smashing space bar through every quest by level 40 or so. Revolutionary? Not so much, in my book.