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North York, ON

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Re: CIPPIC has been granted Intervenor Status

said by InvalidError:

said by Dr Facts :

What I would love to see is Voltage bullheadedly plugging on and a judge telling them in no uncertain terms that they have nothing and will get nothing creating a precedent that kills trolls dead in Canada.

Like the judge in California who destroyed one of those John/Jane Doe cases, citing something like a dozen reasons why the plaintiff's case was invalid including some illegal and potentially criminal actions (some of the copyrights the lawfirm was trying to defend was from owners who never agreed to join their case, which the judge said could be perceived as conspiring to commit fraud) from the lawfirm.

That ruling will make blanket copyright defense as a business model a whole lot more complicated, expensive and dangerous in the USA if it gets upheld by other courts if/when challenged.

Yup.. That was after the judge asked for information on "Alan Cooper", them trying to recuse the judge off the case, denied having judge recuse, withdrawing the case, and the judge going "nono, we're not done here. Show up to this hearing or else."

Feb 19, Pietz (defendant lawyer) gets to do a brief about why there should be sanctions, and then the hearing is Mar 11 I think? At which point I hope the Judge recommends disbarrment, and tosses Gibbs in jail so he can't take off to Mexico, like Lutz did.

That entire this is going to be popcorn-worthy.
-- Tech Support MVP