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Steven Paul Jobs 1955-2011
Los Angeles, CA
reply to Mike

Re: HBO to Let Subscribers Stream HBO Go to TV Over AirPlay

said by Mike:

That's.. impressive.

It's 2013. I can stream whatever movie I want right now from Netflix or Hulu.

Are there exclusives or something?

Actually...you can't...unless your taste in movies is severely limited. There's still tons of stuff that isn't available on Netflix--you still have to order the discs to see most of what they offer. Hulu is a pain because of all of the ads that they push at you. Sure...I know that there's no such thing as "free" content anymore, but I'd still like to watch a film in its entirety without interruptions.

Good to hear about HBO. HBO is the only service that I will pay for. I don't even bother watching it "live" now--I just fire up HBO Go and watch what I want whenever I want.
"When the day comes that anyone can bend our country's laws and lawmakers to serve selfish, competitive ends, that day democratic government dies." -- Preston Tucker, June 1948