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Static IP and Cisco Router

I just started my WOW 30/3 service and signed up to get a Static IP. When it was installed I just got a regular static address. I called in to support and they were going to go ahead and set one up for me. It seems they are just doing DHCP reservations for their static IP's The Tech asked me for my MAC address of my router. After they had it setup I rebooted my router and it picked up no address untill I renewed it and it would then pickup the old address. After about 30 minutes of trying the tech came back and told me the level 2 tech said it wouldn't work with a router that you had to use a PC or Game Console. This is crap and i'm very familiar with networking. Has anyone else run into this?

Naperville, IL
If you can send me a private message with your account number, phone number and the name on your account, I will get this setup for you. Also, please provide the mac address of the router you want the static IP assigned to.


Reynoldsburg, OH
I'm MB1182 and I just joined so it won't let me IM. My account number is 13558285 if you can lookup my information I have given them the MAC address and my number will be on file. I'll try and see if it will let me IM tomorrow.