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Re: Earthlink Cable in 11375

Still problems. Now they blamed the modem when signal levels were fine. Tech gave me Case # and said he would accelerate it.

Hopefully it gets resolved soon.


Brooklyn, NY
Trust me it is not the modem. I went through six of them. You are probably taking to Level 1 idiots. Call this number for Level 3 support 866-506-0218.

I spoke to people in the online chat when it was working.

The last person said they would accelerate it. The people I spoke to seem to be trained to just get you off the phone rather than fix the issue.

I did get a case # and a phone # to call. If the problem is widespread, I live in a highrise here with 500+ Units though many are on another provider, then obviously they will be hearing complaints from others in the system so it will eventually get fixed. They just seem to be slow to acknowledge it.

The 10K04 router went out last time, but it got fixed. Now Time Warner's status page is down. I asked the rep who said they were working on fixing it, but its been down for awhile.

Problem still going on with timeouts from the modem IP on the first hop.

Spoke to someone who had me do lots of tests like ping and traceroutes but the problem of the 1st hop is still bad.