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St Catharines, ON

[Internet] In a Fibe 6 area being offered Fibe 15/10? Careful!

I've been on Fibe 6 for a while, was a bit upset about my bill and got through to Loyalty and the guy helped me retain TV channels I need for F1 (TSN and TSN2), added more channels I didn't have before overall even though I lost a few like Oasis and HiFi, changed my minutes plan and put me from Fibe 6 > Fibe 15/10 - overall savings of just over $40/month, very nice!

I currently test consistently at around 7.2 Down / 1.0 Up.

Technician arrives on Saturday to upgrade the modem. I'd always balked on this upgrade because of the $100 fee for the modem, but anyway with the savings and not paying the other modem fee I figured the 10 Up was worth it as I've always hated the slow upload speeds.

Fortunately I had a good technician. He tested the line before he did anything and said the max you'll get is 12 Down / 1 Up. 1 Up?? Are you kidding? Nope! He also said if he installed the model and flipped the switch I wouldn't be able to go backwards, which is what some techs will do (just go ahead and install without checking if you're going to get what you pay for). Anyway, I was pretty annoyed, I'm not paying $100 for the new model just to go from 7.2 Down to 12 Down with the exact same crappy upload speed. I'm only 2.8km away from the nearest station too.

So be careful, if you're upgrading from Fibe 6 which is pretty common outside Toronto to 15/10, get your speed test done FIRST before anything else is done. You may not wish to proceed.



Re: [Internet] In a Fibe 6 area being offered Fibe 15/10? Carefu

I was in the same situation (almost)
Till now had my old grandfathered plan with unlimited bandwith (5up/1down)
I saw that Bell offers unlimited now for extra $30 a month with any plan. So I called them to see what I can have.
They said 15/10. I asked specificly will I be able to get that nice upload speed, of course they said YES for sure if not something close to it as I am only 700meters away from the switch.
So satuday technician comes installs the modem... long story short... on VDSL profile (which you have to have for nice upload) my modem was disconnecting every 10sec. They had to put me on ADSL profile and on that I get 15down and only 1up, well its not even 1 its like 0.6 to 0.8mbit. Final words were for me to get better upload and for VDSL to work they have to do some more hardware upgrades in my are (I think that means that SWITH/NODE/OSLAM/DSLAM hardware), when its gonna happened I didnt get any answer even from bell direct forum.


St Catharines, ON
D'oh! I would have been livid! I had the old Ultra High Speed too, was paying $55/month for 5up/1down unlimited and eventually gave it up, I listen to mostly vinyl and watch Blu-ray so really my usage isn't much anymore and it was worth it, nice to see it's back.

Anyway, they said I should see 12/1 now even with the regular HN modem and if I don't I should call retention back and they'll see if they can offer me the better modem at a cheaper price. $50 would be nice, that's like 10 months of the existing modem anyway.

I hope they upgrade your area soon. I'm in Southern ON close to Niagara Falls, I doubt they'll be offering Fibe to the home here during my lifetime.


reply to dobyblue
I had them sell me 25/10.

I couldn't get it.

Took MONTHS of Billing errors, etc to get the billing and plan set back to what I could get.


North York, ON
·Bell Fibe
I had the old grandfathered High Speed plan (7 down / 0.7 up) with unlimited bandwidth for years. When I have to upgrade last November due to speed issue caused by my father usage of TV Pad, the system said I could have Fibe 25/10. The tech showed up and he can get only 15/1.8 (actual speedtest values) in a stable profile. Anything higher in any department will cause line capacity to max out. There was no way I will settle for old plan which means I can never play on Xbox Live when my father wants to watch his TV Pad. (100ms+ in ping because the up was down to 0.3) I went for the Fibe 15/10 instead which is still cheaper than the old plan. This is what the tech says: "If Bell online system mention that I can have FTTH. then I can probably get higher speed."