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Linksys Router Wireless Signal Not Strong Enough

I use road runner cable internet from time warner. I have a linksys wrt54g wireless router. In our apartment, we have 3 computers. One is a desktop. The other 2 is laptops. One of the laptops we use is in a room very far from my room where the router and desktop computer is located at. The connection for the wireless is pretty bad so you have to go to the living room to get a better connection.

At first i thought i fixed this problem by upgrading the firmware as i have never did this before ever. I upgraded it to firmware version 4.21.5. At first it seemed like the signal got better from that room but now its as bad as it was before. So you have to go to the other room next to it... living room to use it.

My question is what could be the problem? I put my router on top of my desktop computer so it wouldn't be on the table where so many things could block it. Thus its at the highest point i could put the router in my room.

What wireless network mode am i suppose to put it on? I tried G only because i read thats the fastest but it doesn't seem to do anything. Or should i go for B? Or mixed? We only use the laptops for the wireless internet.

Also what channel should i have it? I have put it on channel 1 and 6 and it doesn't seem to change. Am i suppose to go through every single channel until i can get a fast connection?

Webster, NY
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Yes, play with the channels there might be some overcrowding. You may have success, you may not. If you want to increase the range you have a few different options. You can replace the stock antennas on the 54G with high gain antennas. When I had that router I purchased Linksys +7dbi antennas, but I’ve seen aftermarket ones rated at +9dbi. Look for antennas with TNC connectors. I see they’re pretty cheap now, I paid like $70 for a pair way back when, now they’re $15 or less. You could also flash the router and replace the factory Linksys firmware with third party firmware, that allows you to boost the power output of the antennas. Doing that will cause the router to use more electricity and therefore cause it to run hot to the touch but it shouldn’t blow it up. Whatever the maximum power output setting option was on the old Sveasoft firmware years ago, I maxed it out and never had an issue.

Another other option would be if you have gear that is Wireless N and operates on the 5 GHz frequency, upgrade your router to something newer and run your stuff on that as opposed to 2.4 where it is much less crowded.
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»Linksys Router Wireless Signal Not Strong Enough
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