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Auto Channel Selection Picks Worst Channel

Whenever I turn on auto for what channel to choose it always picks channel 11. Channel 11 always kills my signal and has 10 APs on it. Channel 1 or two gives me the best signal usually. Channel 1 has a few other routers on it but they usually drop off once they reach my home. I can also place another router in my home on channel 11 but auto on this router still puts it there.

Darn you WNR1000 network bonding 2 + 6. No matter how hard I try you never move or drop 40 MHz! I did get you to move to 6 + 10 yesterday but you seemed to have moved back !

I also hate that Belkin N150 network bonding 1 + 5 :P.

I stopped one of the Arris gateways from bonding 1 + 5 that's far from me >:].

I also got the highest signal router on channel 11(My neighbor) to move from 1 yesterday by constantly downloading over wireless .


At my place (and for a lot of other ppl I know), bonding channels actually reduces performance. I get much better performance w/ the single channel. And I have ZERO congestion, it's only me, no other wifi in the area at all.