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Greenville, SC
reply to rahlquist

Re: Charter Business Class Service

At the risk of hijacking your thread I noticed that I can get 30 meg internet and my same TV package under business for less than I can with residential service. Shouldn't it be the opposite?!


Business class used to be way higher than residential. Don't know what Charter is using for logic or what trickery they may be up to on that one?

Running a server with business class used to be one of the perks for that option, I think. No caps on business.

said by mj3431:

I don't think you'll have a QoS agreement, but when I had business service I always got at least my provisioned speed. Any time you have an issue you get to call support and get an American that won't give you the run around. That's what I miss the most when I went back to residential.

Ran a server at home with not ever a question, and there are no caps.

Always tripped me out on that one. Any time you have an issue you got an American and preferential treatment.

How about Charter just make their stuff run right, and you wouldn't need support at all, or so regularly? Hardly worth paying extra for!
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