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Hume, VA
reply to Elkhorn

Re: Satisfied Hughesnet gen4 customer

Something in our HN7000S died on Sunday the 10th and I called to have them fix it, but Monday morning the 11th I called and said to go G4. Installer called Tuesday morning and said they'd be out Wednesday morning. I thought 'Yeah, sure'. Installer called again Tuesday pm to verify and they showed up Wednesday morning and G4 was going by noon. Now that's not bad. I've heard other experiences, but mine was not bad. I'm getting around 7-8MB down, don't worry about up. Latency is what kills me and the computer, but so far no DNS or 'Try again' signs.

I did have to move the dish to the roof because of tree issue, so it cost me an extra $125. We'll see. Hopefully I don't get the really slow speeds Sunday evenings. But like I say, sometimes I wait for 2 seconds or so for pages to start showing up.

Been a customer since 5-06. Too bad they don't give any discounts for long customers. There have been a few exasperating periods, but hey, what to expect?

I wouldn't say I'm a really happy customer, but where to go? not sure going Exede would be much different and then I'd have to deal with a strange email system. At least this way I keep email and have 5 more. Guess we have to look on the positive.


Lyons, OR
DogT - I've found latency to be slightly better with Gen4 than my old HN7000S - an avg of 736 vs 862..........
HT1000, Gen4, Power PLUS, Beam 10, Windows 7


Hume, VA
Yes, I'm getting in the 700's now, my HN7000S was over a second usually. There are still some pages that take a few seconds to load. I was just looking at Verizon Home Fusion, but my usage is mostly browsing, no movies, games, etc. so even the 7000 was adequate for me, it was just getting tiresome with the slow evenings and drop outs for an hour or more. And Verizon is no cheaper. Perhaps my equipment was getting old and unreliable, anyhow I'm on G4 now.

I'm just having trouble accessing my account, it's a strange way to get to it, the Support Center that is. I got into it one time, and now it just ignores me.