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Mr. Wireless

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Re: [Cable] New home wireing

That's pretty dumb that they cut every single cable wire in your house bfore they sold the house to you. Had I bought a house knowing this, I would have negociated the price of the house to reflect this. You can easily knock a grand or more off the asking price because of the labour required to run these from a professional contractor could easily be up in the hundreds, this labour includes fishing wires much like your neighbours house, not simply staplign them to the baseboards like your cable company wants to do.

The next thing i would do is run each wire to a central location in your house, most commonly the hydro electric panel in your basement. make sure you run a grounding block wire from the local water coper pipe also so your cable system is grounded. Secondly, i would put a 2 way splitter as the first split from the cable company feed. (3-way unbalanced splitter if your using cable home phone)
The second leg of the first splitter will then go into a drop amp which will give a 7-12 db boost to compensate for the a 6-way splitter which will give a 12db loss. this will give you enough and equal signal at all digital boxes and have enough upstream for your services such as VOD and SDV to correctly work, and your modem will be unaffected by problems since it has its own split.
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