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I had Home Phone and DSL 6 Meg and had it all set up for our move on the 8th. Our phone went down in the morning in our old house, but when we got over to the new house, no phone. In fact I couldn't even find the demarc? I was too busy moving to investigate where it could be. Now that I have looked into it I have found that there doesn't seem to even be a phone line run into the house? The previous owner who was the builder lived In the house for about 3 months. He was on Robbers cable which I had seen when we went through the house. I check my bank account and they charge me for the move ($98), but I never received an invoice, and I still don't have any service. I then decide to cancel home phone and go with a dry loop because we figure we can live with just our cells. So it gets better,I'm told that there is still an active phone line at this address (even though the previous owner never had a phone line) wtf? I was afraid of this, because ever since I've been with TS my (albeit slow) service was good overall. Now I feel I will be lucky to get Internet this month.

Old Martin
I've updated your Direct Thread.


Just when I thought things couldn't get worse! We still do not have any Internet at our new house. We have been constantly phoning in to TS support being told ya, ya we will have a tech come out and get you hooked up. Well today was the day, I took off a day of work because all they can give you is a 8-5 widow. Well, no tech showed up! So I call in again, and the girl on the phone says ya it was done today at around 1 pm. I said I don't think so I was here all day and no one showed up here. Ok, what is your address, I give it to her, and she says oh we have this (2 numbers reversed)! Ever since I first called in and all subsequent calls the address has been repeated by me, my wif and all the support agents we have talked to and it was never wrong! Now this last time they repeat it and it's wrong! So now they are going to try and pull the recording of my first call in to see if I said the wrong address or the agent input it wrong! What a frickin joke! I am ready to move on, but I keep saying that I want to give TS the benefit of the doubt, but this is just getting stupid! I hate to say this but whenim talking to (some) of the agents I feel they have no idea what is going on. Just tonite the girl says did you try and plug in to try your Internet, and I said what do you want me to plug into, I told you there isn't even a demarcation point in my house!!!
I'm really frustrated at this point.

Don't Waste Your Energy
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Hey Steve, if it is any consolation, I have had issues with every time I've moved. Bell has botched the move order every time, whether I was with Bell or Teksavvy. Either the DSL didn't work, the land line didn't work, or neither worked.

Going forward, I expect nothing but problems the next time I move. And even if I don't move and die in this house, I'm sure Bell will botch the closing of my account, too!

TSI Keith

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Hello there,

I certainly do not want to give any further bad news or make this harder for you but on the other hand I want to be as open and honest with you as possible. The situation with the address is already being looked into and you will be contacted once that is cleared up however I'd like to address another issue at the new residence because I don't see that this has yet been addressed.

You say that there there is no demarc and there has never been a connection to Bell there. I want to address this now to make sure there is not another issue for you in the future. When Bell goes out to do an install for us, their responsibility is up to the demarcation point. If there is not one present then they would have to install one, however that is where their job would end. They would not be responsible to connect your inside wiring to the demarc and you would either have to do this yourself or hire a contractor to do so.

If you are already aware of this fact than feel free to disregard this post. I just want to make sure that there is not a nasty surprise in the future for you.

Thank you,
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Keith, yes I know Bell is only responsible for up to the demarc point. That is all I am waiting for, my modem is mounted waiting for something to plug into.