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Optimizing VPN topology for USG100/50/20W

I was using Zywall 10W and Zywall 50 for my 7 offices in the past. They were all VPN using the Star topology to the main office Zywall 50.

After using them for 10+ years, I just upgraded everything with a mix of USG100/50/20W. The old VPN star topology is kept with the USG100 as main hub. With the correct setting in Policy Route, everything works fine.

What I am trying to do is to optimize the traffic between branch-to-branch so I can free up some bandwidth in the main office. With the old Zywall 10W, it was not very practical to establish too many branch VPN tunnels as the overall throughput will drop.

Now that USG20W can support 5 VPN tunnels, did any one try to use up all 5 of them? Is there any performance bottleneck on the USG side (using AES256 for all 5 tunnels and WPA2 wifi)? I am using symmetric broadband with bandwidth ranging from 4Mb to 100Mb. The bandwidth usage is at 100% during midnight backup time.

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Why would you buy routers and then ask, oh by the way will they fulful my requirements. Great question but the timing seems odd.
Sorry I do not now the answer to your question but as long as you dont attempt to invoke the additional cost services the routers work as per advertised speeds.


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100Mbps??? WoW
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I've multiple IPSec tunnels running on USG200, no problems. On USG50 set them up and see. I would however advise to use AES128 to offload the encryption processor (AES128 is fully sufficient for today's needs).