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Re: Very tough to troubleshoot issue-Network guru's please help!

These things do happen from some weird ISP.

I had similar problem a few years ago. The ISP provided a gigabit Ethernet connection (bandwidth is restricted to 100M) to my home directly (no login required). I noted the WAN light of my Zywall keeps on blinking even though I have no computer connected. Firewall logs show nothing, no one try to flood me or something. Then, my Zywall suddenly dead, I cannot even ping or login from the LAN side. Rebooting the Zywall will resolve the issue. But after a day or so, the Zywall is dead again. I end up terminated the service after the contract.

Another bad experience was with a cable tv connection (no login required). Standard browsing/pinging behind the Zywall was fine. However, any traffic via the VPN tunnel is 50% loss. i.e. if you ping 4 packets, 2 packets pass thru, 2 packets loss. It was so annoying that I didn't use the service at all.

In both case I cannot complain or blame the ISP because standard browsing is perfectly fine.

After that, I only subscribe to stable or famous ISP, even though their price may be a bit higher.