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External 3G/LTE antenna + router

Hey guys

First; sorry if this is the wrong forum. I thought it was the one that was closest to the topic.

I have long been looking for a forum that might have some clever people that can help me with this situation that im in. So here it goes.

We have a house thats located - pretty much - in the middle of nowhere. There is however a 3G(soon to be LTE) antenna located around 1 mile from the house. The problem now, is that the trees are blocking the 3G signal / view of the antenna.

I have been considering a dsl line, but considering they can deliver something like 2Mbit downstream and maybe 256Kbit upstream im looking for something else.

I have been looking at the Huawei B593 router with buildin 3g/lte modem and an external antenna - there is a mount for an Free-To-Air DVB-T signal mounted on the house, so I was thinking of mounting it there. Its not free of the treeline but I guess that the signal doesnt need line-of-sight right?

Now here comes the real problem..

What kind of antenna should i pick? - Im guessing directional as its directly towards one antenna. How far can i run the cable from the external antenna down to the router without needing to amplify it?

Hope someone has some input.



Where are you located ?.

There are many smaller providers with fixed wireless that offer better services then 3g or LTE can offer.

For how far you can run a wire to the antenna it entirely depends on your cable. LMR400 or LMR600 would be what you want it should have very little loss at 850mhz and not much on PCS.

You will need to buy a proper crimp tool to put the connectors on tho. I recommend using an N connector and converting it to the type you need with an adapter.

You can use this calculator if you want. Just pop in the frequency you want to use and it will tell you how many DB you will lose.

»www.timesmicrowave.com/cgi-bin/c ··· ulate.pl

With 100 feet of LMR400 you should only about 5.9DB of loss.

edit: If you want the highest possible signal you will want a YAGI or panel antenna. But signal is rarely the issue with 3g solutions.