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Winner of greatest level of futility award goes to....

I admit it, I'd rather my life had never had porn in it.

But I also wish I didn't eat as much chocolate too.

And I dislike my level of swearing as well.

The thing is, the reason I think most have a problem with porn is the real problem, not the porn itself.

Let's examine what porn really is. It's the visual depiction of sex.

It's just sex until you add religion.

I'd rather we banned religion. And made it so we didn't need porn. Because frankly, I'd rather be able to say gee I'd really like to get off right now, so do I go get a case of beer, or do I visit my favourite 'working girl' and let her give me a great blow job?

I'm fairly sure, if sex was something you could purchase with the same level of interest as a case of beer, sex would not cost as much, have no social stigma, and we wouldn't have porn.

And life would be so much better without religion.


San Luis Obispo, CA
Religion is a human reaction to answer the un-answerable. This goes back to pre-history times-say 7-10 thousand years ago. Humans back then didn't have the understanding of the ways of nature, hence the creation of "Gods" controlling their enviornment. "Who Mornes for Anodis" is THE classic Star Trek OG TV show that explains this rather well. You want to know who God is? Take a GOOD look in the mirror in the morning....and you'll have your answer.

reply to Sukunai
That and religion tends to be fear focused, nothing like playing on people's fears of the unknown, and fear based to force obedience, nothing like threats of something really bad to make people behave.

I think the problem with sex, is it feels too good for one thing, but, the simple act of sex, in addition to being a lot of fun generally results in babies if done effectively, which when you look at it correctly is the creation of life, which is normally reserved for the gods, and thus, being able to do so, create life that is, tends to pull the curtain away from the wizard and expose him as a fraud.

Of course they need to have all sorts of dogma related to sex. Otherwise, people would tend to think they are too godlike having too much capacity to do anything god can do.

I didn't need god to be born, and I was not in need of god to have my son either. I don't need god to grow and apple. Nor do I require god to modify an animal.

And I merely need a brain that is willing to think long enough to solve problems in the now, that can be solved in the later. Some problems just take longer to solve than others. Just like some puzzles are easier than other.