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reply to Old Martin

Re: Why do Quebec cable customers have to wait...??

said by Old Martin:

I wonder if this wouldn't have anything to do with the CBB?

My line of thinking as well. Keep in mind in some (or many) cases decisions are made months before the release.

Plus we know, Per Blais, that this decision was to be completed end of 2012 to the beginning of 2013.

So yeah. It's done. Been translated and proofed. Checked with lawyers. The 3 know the decision.

Battle field being prep'd.

The question now is... Will TSI's prices drop enough for people to laugh at the 10 to 30$ add-on?


Montreal, QC
reply to Guspaz
It appears to me that Bell came up with the idea first and created a whole marketing plan around it with ads on their website and the new Fibe TV vs. Cable TV ads that aired during the super bowl. My theory was that this is preemptive move covering off any CBB ruling. It appears that the cable co's were caught off guard with this move since none of them reacted immediately, unlike in the mobile business when they react within 2 days.