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[DSL] disappointed with teksavvy dsl

I was on teksavvy's cable and decided i wanted more upload. I was told i was eligible for their 25/10 plan.

Yesterday i was setup and my speeds were only 15/1. I contacted Teksavvy and they said wait till midnight, it's still in progress. At midnight, the tech told me it's a simple fix, im just on the wrong profile but i would need to call back in the morning.

I called back, and apparently now im not eligible for the 25/10 line? I remember having GREAT snr etc from awhile ago when i use to have dsl because i remember a CO being close to my home.

They can only offer me the 15/1 line even after i paid my 100dollars and whatever else fees.

The strange thing is, i remember having great line stats. Is there a way to check it with Sagemcom F@ST 2864 modem?

The tech said from his side, the line stats are 18.1 and 34.4 with les than 3km away. Shouldnt that be significant enough for 25/10?

Anyways, thats my experience so far with teksavvy. Now they're trying to pull the "up to 25/10" line, even though im on a completely lower tier plan which they/bell messed up on. Either i wasnt eligible and they're wrong and told me i was, or i am eligible and bell is wrong saying im not.

Very disappointed.

Old Martin

Could you post in the »TekSavvy Direct forum so I may be able to take a look at your situation.

If 25/10 is not available I'll see what can be done for you.

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reply to rickylol
Just got a call back from a TSI employee. Real helpful.

He said it shows i am eligible for up to 50mb plan so he was a little confused too. He put in a ticket with Bell.

I'll be sure to update the situation once the ticket goes through.


reply to rickylol
You need to be 900 feet or closer for 25/10.


Burlington, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
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said by ChuckcZar :

You need to be 900 feet or closer for 25/10.

Perhaps you do but I have 25/3.7 and my stats show:
VDSL Estimated Loop Length 2642 ft
G.Hs Estimated Near End Loop Length 2218 ft

So you don't need to be 900 feet or closer for 25 down.


Toronto, ON
VDSL Estimated Loop Length 2558 ft
G.Hs Estimated Near End Loop Length 2606 ft

And I get 24/5 - 24/7


Scarborough, ON
reply to rickylol
Just curious how can i find out how far I am from the CO?


Stittsville, ON
reply to ChuckcZar
900m, not 900'. There's a significant difference between the two.

And I think that the 7330's, because they're using different (higher) frequencies can probably push it further than the older Lucent Stingers.