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Glen Head, NY
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Re: ups time

said by XJakeX:

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that will work too

Not in Verizon territory where FiOS is available. My POTS line died during Sandy and Verizon declined to fix it and instead moved me to fiber. Of course that battery lasted about 8 hours when the second storm hit a week later and we lost power again.

I'm curious about this move to fiber. How did they accomplish that? I would think that fixing the copper line would be easier and quicker to do during an emergency situation than making the switch. Was fiber already on your street? Did they switch you back to POTS eventually?

They had been onto me to try and get me to move my copper line to fiber for quite some time but I there was nothing wrong with it so I ignored their pleas.

Verizon has been on a big push to retire their copper in areas covered by FiOS (lower Manhattan is having all the copper removed that was damaged by Sandy and replaced with fiber). The copper network is much more expensive to maintain and provision than the fiber network. My area was "wired" for FiOS back in 2009 so it was already available. All they did was run a fiber line from the tap to the house, install a transceiver on the outside of the house and a power supply in the basement. They connected the wiring in the NID to the fiber transceiver and provisioned my number to the fiber. The old copper lines are still connected to the house but they are dead. They will not be switching me back to POTS.
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Springfield, MA
I support a POTS sunset as long as those areas are passed by equal or better service (FiOS). Verizon is replacing a lot of their copper lines in Western Mass with copper.


Agreed. But it would have to be a fully passive system like FIOS with the same uptime requirements at the CO end, diesel on site, etc, so that if you had your own power source, it would work during a power outage. Not like cable, where there are active nodes so when the power goes out, cable is totally hopeless.