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Scarborough, ON

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reply to RogersElise

Re: Unlimited Internet option on Rogers for a limited time

I am pretty sure this promotion only lasts until March 31 because that is the week that the head of Rogers and the head of Bell have their lunch. I am sure the convo will be something like this;

Rogers CEO: WTF Man! Why you screwing us? How are we supposed to sell absurd low bandwidth plans, with high speeds, and convince the public its because of a looming available bandwidth crunch?

Bell CEO: Well, we were losing customers because we didn't want to invest in our network and bring faster speeds using the latest backends, and real fibre to our customers. So to stop it, we had to use the unlimited bandwidth thing. Customers got too damn smart, and realized our lie about our fibre optic network only being to the last mile, and not to their home, and that nothing really changed.

Rogers CEO: Well, sh1t man, why couldn't you tell me your plan when we bought MLSE together?

Bell CEO: I forgot!

Rogers CEO: Ok, well lets stop this unlimited stuff ok? We need to sell this over priced usage crap. Tell you what, we will lower our monthly bandwidth quotas to our customers, so we can even it out a bit ok? You have slower speeds, but a bit higher monthly limit, we will have faster speeds, lower monthly limit!

Bell CEO: Kewl! What do you want to buy next to screw Canadians?

Rogers CEO: I am thinking DSLreports, those fuckers are educating too many people. FAWK!