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Hilo, HI
reply to urbanriot

Re: [WIN8] A quick Win8 question

There is no retail version of Win 8. There is upgrade, OEM with key burned to motherboard and OEM builder version.

Carpentersville, IL
reply to Mele20
I did not give a link for Windows 8, just a screen shot. Here is the link to the OEM version of Windows 8 pro x64, which was one of the items in the picture that I had posted. From what I can tell, this version is not an upgrade. Also from what I can tell by reading the page, its not an "OEM Builder", but the actual install media that can be used to install Windows 8 Pro x64, and then be used just like any other previous versions of Windows.

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The link I did provide in my previous post was Windows 7 versions, which includes both the 32 bit, 64 bit, professional, ultimate, and also upgrades.

Tigerdirect does sell an "upgrade" version of Windows 8, and that link is here

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--Brian Plencner

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reply to Mele20
said by Mele20:

Yes, but that is OEM builder version of Win 8. It is NOT retail version and cannot be transferred to other computers.

The Windows 8 System Builder OEM Personal Use License doesn't appear to support your claim that it cannot be transferred - can be transferred to another computer and even to another user...

"Can I transfer the software to another computer or user? You may transfer the software to another computer that belongs to you. You may also transfer the software (together with the license) to a computer owned by someone else if a) you are the first licensed user of the software and b) the new user agrees to the terms of this agreement. To make that transfer, you must transfer the original media, the certificate of authenticity, the product key and the proof of purchase directly to that other person, without retaining any copies of the software. "
found here: » ··· lt.aspx#

Good find! I have that on paper here but was unable to find it on the internet.

Namedrop THIS
reply to plencnerb
said by plencnerb:

This is why I will never buy an already built (Dell, Asus, Compaq, HP, etc) system. I will build my own... {Snippage}

If they want a laptop however, they have to buy one already made. Its not like you can go buy the parts for a laptop and build it yourself (at least not yet! ).


I disagree Brian.

I have MANY sources for Whitebox laptops.

If I were able to handle the finances to launch my own, branded laptops, I would have a comfortable niche position in the laptop OEM segment.
Hopefully the Ministry Of Truth and Thought Police can sort this whole thing out.
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