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[Excel] Excel 97 messages - "file was created" or &quo

some .xls files can cause persisting error messages as:

"The file was created using a later version of Microsoft Excel. If you save this file using Microsoft Excel 97, information created with features in the later version may be lost."

"The workbook you are opening contains macros."

the first is from the file having conversion errors from more recent excel versions.
the "Recover.exe" from the microsoft support is to avoid because isn't reliable:

- it took about a hour to recover my damage .xls file
- only the content in the cells was retrieved - for example charts were gone
- didn't make possible the resolution of the second message

the second message arise from existing macros in the .xls file. macros in an excel file could be very tricky because not all can be seen and in some old excel files can't even be removed.
if you wish to repair your excel 97 file from this two annoyances this is what i've tried and worked:

(only take a few minutes)

1) open your faulty .xls workbook
2) right click in one of the sheet tabs (with the name of it)
3) choose "Select All Sheets"
4) right click again one of the sheet tabs
5) choose "Move or Copy..."
6) select "(new book)" above and mark "Create a copy" below
7) if there is warning messages about cells having more than 255 characters being truncated, copy those cells manually from the faulty .xls file to the rigth place in the new workbook created
8) change the external links that may have been created in the source data of some charts by deleting their paths in "Chart", "Source Data...", tab "Series"
9) verify the new .xls file
10) save the new workbook with the name and the file type that you wish (i recommend "Microsoft Excel 97 & 5.0 95 Workbook (*.xls)"

(can take days)

1) open your faulty .xls workbook
2) create a new .xls file in excel 97
3) go to the first sheet and do "Select All" (by pressing, for example, "Crtl"+"a")
4) do "Paste" in the first sheet, in the new .xls file created, and rename it to the same name as the sheet in the faulty .xls
5) continue this way with the following sheets and if necessary create more sheets, in the new .xls file, by right clicking in sheet tabs with the names and choosing "Insert..." and "Worksheet"
6) then delete the paths to external links in cells by doing a "Replace" in each sheet of the new file
7) in charts the deletion of the paths must be manual, in "Chart", "Souce Data...", tab "Series"
8) verify the new .xls file
9) save the new workbook with the name and the file type that you wish (i recommend "Microsoft Excel 97 & 5.0 95 Workbook (*.xls)"

(it took me a week to figure this out!!)



Re: Excel 97 messages - 'file was created' or 'contains macros'

the second method, can take much more time if the .xls document is very large but is the best.