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[Voip.ms] API -- IP address

i submitted this to the "feature requests and suggestions" page sometime ago, but am posting here to maybe get some critical mass to encourage voip.ms to make the change quicker.

i have begun to use the api to automate certain tasks. however, voip.ms built the API with a belts and suspenders style security system where an API request must come in with a user name and password from an IP on a pre-designated list.

i'm behind a dynamic IP, much like the rest of the home users and would like to supply voip.ms with a FQDN that will resolve correctly to my current dynamic IP address.

Seems like an easy change to make....but it's stuck in a queue somewhere.

i think this would benefit many users.

Just my 2 cents.


(1) It's either 99¢ or $0.99; not .99¢ (2) It's "so MUCH fun" not "so fun"