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Livermore, CA

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Karl Didn't Read the Report

It's obvious from your fact-free post that you didn't read the report, Karl. If this were simply a corporate PR campaign for our alleged sponsors (clue: ITIF is NOT predominately funded by AT&T or any other corporation) you would have no trouble finding some suspect facts. The one lame attempt you make at finding bad data is our use of the FCC's data on number of providers, which we didn't make up.

Here's where the report lives, go read it and correct your misstatements: »itif.org/publications/whole-pict ··· ly-stand

Susan Crawford says the U. S. is mediocre in speed, ranking 22nd based on stale data that come from Akamai's 4Q 2009 Average Connection Speed, which she mentions in a footnote referencing a 2010 blog post on Difference Engine.

The current Akamai Average Connection Speed ranks the U. S. 8th, behind such powerhouses of innovation Hong Kong, Netherlands, and Latvia, one-city nations where government has subsidized FTTH and hidden the real consumer price in the tax bill.

This discrepancy between Crawford's claim and what the source data says tells you how shoddy a researcher she is, and it's not the only one.

Considering that we're 8th out of 180 nations, no reasonable person could judge US broadband speeds "mediocre." The European Commission is actually desperate to catch up with the US, as we note.

This doesn't mean that the US is broadband utopia: We specifically say it isn't, but it does suggest that we're in good shape on the world stage with speed. Where we fall short is on subscribers: US is 15th out of 34 in the OECD on the percentage of homes who actually subscribe to some form of broadband, and we'd like to see this number improve.

Bottom line is that our claims are all well-sourced and accurate, while all you're doing is waving your hands and calling names.

But you're a blogger, not a researcher, so I suppose you're doing what you're paid to do, tossing out link-bait to attract eyeballs.

As to ITIF's credibility, the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania ranks us as the third best science and technology think tank in the U. S., behind RAND and a program at MIT: »www.gotothinktank.com/2012-globa ··· -report/

Richard Bennett, ITIF (co-author of the Whole Picture report)