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[Connectivity] Xfinity only or Double-Play?

Currently have Direct TV and U-Verse data.

Been thinking about jettisoning both but not quite ready to ditch Direct TV yet. Reason to ditch would be to take advantage of promo pricing and faster speeds that Comcast would presumably deliver.

So I'm thinking about their offers at comcast.com/gethighspeed or comcast.com/xfinity.

Like I said, I lean towards just getting the HSI for now, possibly move to Double-Play later (can't imagine bothering with landline phones again) when Tivo may have a extender box, called Tivo Mini.

But the mailings I get offer 12 months or even 24 months for the Double/Triple Play deals.

Have people been locking in for these periods or are they able after the trials to get Comcast to extend the promo pricing?

This is for the SF Bay Area.

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Triple plays are always a better deal. A home phone is good for emergencies as it gives 911 dispatchers the exact location of an emergency. They are also good for long phone calls where you can't afford to have dropped call (wait an hour on hold and then the call drops after the call is finally answered due to the fluctuations in the cell signal). CDV never drops where even the best cell phone providers like Verizon can and do drop calls.
I've experienced ImOn (when they were McLeod USA), Mediacom, Comcast, and Time Warner. They are much better than broadcast TV.

I have not and will not cut the cord.


Well I'd be more inclined to go for Double or Triple Play if there is a better CableCard DVR solution.

I don't want to buy two Tivos so waiting to see if the Tivo Mini is a good product.

Anyways, when you click thorugh one of the offers on those links, they prompt you for your address and then the offers disappear and other offers show up and they're not particularly attractive.

Bait and switch move.


reply to wco
I just got a mailing from Comcast for my area (East coast) for HSI - 12 months for $19.99/mo w/one-year contract, standard pricing after that (Performance, which is about 12/2 right now? supposedly doubling in May?). It's tempting... but I don't know what extra fees they charge; I still have the cable modem I used with them when I was last a customer. Call 'em up - they might have the promo going on in your area. Even $30 for a year would be pretty good, esp. if they bump it up to, like, 25/5 this summer.