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No Booing Allowed

Dublin, OH
·Embarq Now Centu..

Centurylink/Qwest DSL not delivering advertised speeds

Based on my own experience with Centurylink's inconsistent DSL service, it doesn't surprise me to see Centurylink and Qwest DSL service being slower than most of it's competitors and not delivering the speeds that customers are paying for.

I highly doubt these FCC reports will shame Centurylink into doing anything to improve their DSL service but at least it reinforces what I already knew.


Kent, WA
·Clearwire Wireless

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If you can get cox cable broadband service then switch to it because you get way faster speeds than you'll ever get with Centurylink DSL broadband. As I understand it the farther you live from the telephone central office the slower your speeds get. because DSL can travel threw the telephone line 18,000 feet or 3 miles before the signal becomes to degraded. I can't get ADSL because at the time the Qwest tecn dud said that the line to my house was 22,500 feet and they only serviced the ADSL upto 15,000 feet. What speeds are you getting with Centurylink ADSL??? I am getting 35Mbps/5Mbps threw Comcast's coax cable lines.