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Eddy Strong

Naples, FL

Who or Where: Replacement LED Bulbs

I would like to replace the DRL and Stop Lights on my 2005 Malibu (Epsilon Body) with direct fit LED lights, but browsing around left me with a headache! ebay yielded way too many listings and not enough time to comb thru the good and bad!

There's so many different options and flavors withing the same maker/seller for just one single type of bulb to make your head spin!

My car takes the 3157 bulbs for the DRL/Front Turn Signals and 3057 bulbs for the Rear Stop/Turn Lights. I want to keep the wiring stock and just replace the bulbs. Does anyone has any recommended manufacturer/seller to sugest?


Lake Villa, IL

I have heard these are decent. I can't say for certain, but might be worth checking out

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Deerfield, WI
reply to Eddy Strong
www.superbrightleds.com has been a goto place of mine for years...they have almost every possible LED light out there, and they are cheap.

Eddy Strong

Naples, FL
reply to Eddy Strong

Another good place to start, but pricey!

Thanks for the replies guys!

I've been reading up a bit and found out alot of good words saying that www.vleds.com is one of the best... the bulbs are pricey but outlast the cheaper knock-offs found on ebay

Turbocharger X2

Vancouver, BC
reply to Eddy Strong

Re: Who or Where: Replacement LED Bulbs

Bear in mind though that you might have to contend with hyper-flashing turn signals after you have replaced the stock halogen bulbs with LEDs due to different resistance properties of the two bulb types.
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Moline, IL
reply to Stonehawk
said by Stonehawk:

www.superbrightleds.com has been a goto place of mine for years...they have almost every possible LED light out there, and they are cheap.

Yep.... they also have the flashers that will allow the led lights to flash properly. I know, because I've purchased them and found them to work.
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Eddy Strong

Naples, FL
reply to VR38DETT
Yeah, already read about that hyper-flashing issue! I'm a little hesitant to convert I have to admit! It's not so much for looks but more for functionality, I was getting tired of replacing bulbs.

My problem is that the turn signal/DRLs run too hot, so hot that the yellow lenses are melting and I was blowing bulbs constantly. I was blowing a bulb about every 3 months or so, the bulb were actually cracking. So far it has improved and have not had a bulb go out in over a year.

I used to buy Sylvania, but my last batch was GEs

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Stone Mountain, GA
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reply to Eddy Strong
I removed the rear turn signals on my Ninja (they keep getting bumped by passers by.) I converted the dual brake light to a combination brake/turn. The flash was then real slow.

When towing a trailer on my Jeep, the flash was fast.

I fixed both by buying an electronic flasher. The Jeep was the old can style and the new one just plugged in. The bike needed to be spliced in.

They are available at most auto parts stores; about $15 IIRC.
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