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Dark Pumpkin

Berwyn, IL

internet cuts out when the phone rings

I've tried using dsl and phone filters and not using them. They don't seem to do even the slightest of anything to prevent my internet from dropping out when the phone rings.

Usually it's not too bad, the internet goes down for a second or two and is back up right away, not even enough time for Firefox to notice and stop a download it is in the middle of one.

Sometimes however, the phone will ring, and for the next half hour, no amount of rebooting and replugging my modem will get it to connect again. This is especially annoying if I'm off site remoting into my computer, therefore completely unable to do anything whatsoever about it.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do about this?
(also, I would appreciate any suggestions for a VDSL modem that isn't a bulky piece of junk like this AT&T 2-Wire one is)

Belleville, IL
If you have a lineshare I would suggest that your data have its own telephone pair split from the outside interface(nid) That way your dialtone and data are separate and this won't happen

Unfortunately you can only use the 2wire modems with att vdsl service so cant help you there


reply to Dark Pumpkin
Do you have VoIP or traditional phone service? Do you have video? Vdsl supports all 3 so need to know.

If its voice and Internet, filters should work unless there's a splice in the inside wiring or alarm. Go out to nid and Plug dual filter into test port. Phone and Internet plugged in,call it and see what happens. If its clear,trouble inside. If keeps doing it then trouble is with phone company.

If you have uverse tv then I'd bet they didn't install a balun on outside at box. Which is basically a specialized video filter. You definitely need one for tv and voice unless you have VoIP.

Anyway, hard to say unless we know exactly what you have.

Btw,there is a new rg gateway that is a lot smaller. But of course it's through AT&T.


united state
reply to Dark Pumpkin
Motorola 2310 is an alternative to the 2Wire.

Note that it is an internet-only modem. It does not work with U-Verse TV or Voice.