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[CA] Unacceptable Latency to California Servers - Solution?

San Diego, Ca


Let me begin that I have been dealing with unfavorable latency issues w/ my Cox HSI (Fastest Package, Premiere I believe). I have posted my issues on these forums before to only here; "I don't see any issues w/ your traceroute, your latency isn't that high so I don't see what your issue is, there's nothing your ISP can do to alter your routing to something more favorable, etc...

Here's a little background about myself so you can better understand my frustration and why my standards are significantly higher than your standard Internet user.

1) I'm a competitive gamer that generates a good deal of income from it, sponsored player and all. I'm at the top of the pack in regards of 'professional gamers,' and when competing against other top players, that extra 15-30ms makes a HUGE difference.

2) I compete in fast-twitch FPS shooters where latency is a HUGE deal and anything above 45-50ms is unacceptable when competing online. My competition will always have between 15-25ms less than me where in 'fast-twitch' shooters is a huge disparity and disadvantage. I know in RPG based games, having a ping of 50-150ms is acceptable because it's not based solely on nano-second based decisions and shot selections. This is not the case in my situation.

I have called countless amount of times to tier 2 tech support for Cox HSI, but they can NEVER help me. I'm told that they don't see a problem because my download/upload are always maxed out which is great, but my primary concern is latency, not bandwidth.

Here are some traceroute examples:

Here is the server I frequent the most. I live in San Diego, and this server is located in Los Angeles. My latency to Los Angeles is the worst and often worse than servers in San Jose California and Seattle Washington.

Tracing route to jennyfur.pelican.org []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms []
2 8 ms 7 ms 7 ms []
3 9 ms 8 ms 8 ms []
4 10 ms 7 ms 9 ms []
5 7 ms 7 ms 8 ms fed1dsrj02-xe130.0.rd.sd.cox.net []
6 40 ms 41 ms 41 ms []
7 39 ms 39 ms 39 ms 10ge.ten1-3.dal-eqx-cor-1.peer1.net [206.223.118
8 55 ms 54 ms 54 ms 10ge.ten1-2.la-600w-cor-2.peer1.net [216.187.124
9 55 ms 54 ms 55 ms 10ge.xe-0-3-0.lax-600w-sbcor-2.peer1.net [216.18
10 57 ms 57 ms 59 ms 10ge.xe-0-0-2.lax-600w-sbdis-1.peer1.net [216.18
11 52 ms 54 ms 52 ms jennyfur.pelican.org []

Trace complete.

Here is a trace to a Texas Server I frequent in which I ping better than to the above Los Angeles server from San Diego.

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms []
2 10 ms 9 ms 10 ms []
3 13 ms 9 ms 10 ms []
4 12 ms 7 ms 9 ms []
5 45 ms 8 ms 51 ms fed1dsrj02-xe130.0.rd.sd.cox.net []
6 39 ms 38 ms 38 ms []
7 39 ms 39 ms 41 ms 10ge.ten1-3.dal-eqx-cor-1.peer1.net [206.223.118
8 47 ms 48 ms 47 ms 10ge-ten1-2.sat-8500v-cor-1.peer1.net [216.187.1
9 53 ms 50 ms 50 ms 10ge.xe-0-0-1.sat-8500v-sbdis-1.peer1.net [216.1
10 49 ms 48 ms 46 ms []

Trace complete.

Here is a trace to google.com which averages 180ms which I find incredibly odd.

Tracing route to google.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms []
2 10 ms 8 ms 13 ms []
3 7 ms 7 ms 8 ms []
4 9 ms 7 ms 11 ms []
5 8 ms 9 ms 13 ms fed1dsrj02-xe130.0.rd.sd.cox.net []
6 38 ms 33 ms 31 ms paltbprj01-ae2.0.rd.pt.cox.net []
7 32 ms 31 ms 33 ms []
8 36 ms 37 ms 34 ms []
9 33 ms 37 ms 34 ms []
10 23 ms 24 ms 23 ms []
11 76 ms 74 ms 73 ms []
12 84 ms 81 ms 84 ms []
13 97 ms 95 ms 97 ms []
14 109 ms 101 ms 101 ms []
15 107 ms 103 ms 108 ms []
16 174 ms 172 ms 168 ms []
17 169 ms 168 ms 167 ms []
18 181 ms 186 ms 177 ms []
19 183 ms 183 ms 182 ms []
20 183 ms 182 ms 184 ms []
21 * * * Request timed out.
22 183 ms 184 ms 182 ms bk-in-f113.1e100.net []

Trace complete.

Note: I decided to install ATT Uverse along w/ my Cox HSI hoping to alleviate my Latency issues, and my latency is now cut in half to most California based servers, about 28ms on average. I use my ATT Uverse only to play on California servers, then I switch to Cox HSI to play interstate, because my pings to servers outside of California are about 15ms better on Cox than on Att Uverse.

Unfortunately, ADSL is not available in my area, so I can't request to be put on fastpath to cut my latency by about 15-25ms. Instead, I'm stuck with VDSL2+ which is ONLY interleaved. So, I switch between ISPs depending on the server I'm playing on.

Here is another tracert to a local server located about 10 miles from me:

Tracing route to 72-11-224-130.static-ip.telepacific.net []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms []
2 9 ms 8 ms 7 ms []
3 9 ms 9 ms 11 ms []
4 8 ms 9 ms 11 ms []
5 7 ms 7 ms 6 ms fed1dsrj01-xe130.0.rd.sd.cox.net []
6 88 ms 31 ms 31 ms paltbprj02-ae0.0.rd.pt.cox.net []
7 33 ms 33 ms 35 ms xe-7-0-3.edge1.SanJose2.Level3.net []

8 42 ms 48 ms 48 ms vlan80.csw3.SanJose1.Level3.net []
9 32 ms 32 ms 33 ms ae-81-81.ebr1.SanJose1.Level3.net []
10 46 ms 45 ms 43 ms ae-2-2.ebr3.LosAngeles1.Level3.net []

11 33 ms 30 ms 32 ms ae-63-63.csw1.LosAngeles1.Level3.net [
12 * * * Request timed out.
13 45 ms 46 ms 46 ms ae-5-5.car1.SanDiego1.Level3.net []

14 45 ms 43 ms 51 ms TELEPACIFIC.car1.SanDiego1.Level3.net [
15 35 ms 31 ms 31 ms gi23.210.cr1.sndkca.telepacific.net [
16 47 ms 128 ms 133 ms ge100.mr2.sndkca.telepacific.net [
17 49 ms 49 ms 47 ms 64-73-249-46.static-ip.telepacific.net [64.73.24
18 48 ms * 50 ms 72-11-224-130.static-ip.telepacific.net [72.11.2

Trace complete.

Right now, when using Cox HSI, I have to pay for additional proxy/vpn services to alter my route to lower my latency. When connecting through a VPN server, my ping is 14-20ms to (los Angeles Server). Unfortunatley, I have ceased using this means of altering my route to lower my latency because my ping jitter is too high. It often jumps 20ms which causes warping which is unacceptable during competitive play.

I'm truly hoping there is a solution to my problem to fix my latency issue, a issue I've been dealing with for several years. A couple years back, I pinged sub 20ms to Los Angeles servers and 25-30ms to San Jose servers, but those days are long gone.

Any help on the above matter will be much appreciated, so thank you in advance. Some insight and possible solutions is what I'm looking for. Thanks!
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reply to kokkatc

Re: [CA] Unacceptable Latency to California Servers - Solution?

What it looks like is Pelican is on peer1.net backbone So Cox drops your connection straight to Peer1.

But peer1 does not have a link from LA to San diego.

If you use the traceback tool on their site ( »lg.peer1.net/ ) to go from them in LA to the third hop in your trace it is 44ms.

Router: Los Angeles, CA
Command: traceroute

Type escape sequence to abort.
Tracing the route to

1 0 msec 0 msec 0 msec
2 [AS 3257] 48 msec [AS 3257] 40 msec 44 msec
3 [AS 22773] 36 msec [AS 22773] 40 msec 68 msec
4 [AS 22773] 44 msec [AS 22773] 40 msec [AS 22773] 44 msec
5 [AS 22773] 44 msec * *
6 [AS 22773] 44 msec * 44 msec

Looks like it is Peer1's routing taking you to Dallas before LAX.


Phoenix, AZ

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reply to kokkatc
Cox phone people are no help to you because Cox is not required to provide a low latency connection. You're paying a consumer price for a consumer service expecting business level latency SLAs.. Good luck with that.

You may be better off researching office space / "co-working suites" that have some form of fiber connection to the internets. I imagine there's quite a few in the San Diego area.

San Diego isn't a major internet peering point. It's not Cox's fault and there's not too much they can do about it.

West Warwick, RI
He me might be able to contact Cox Business too. My friend has a fiber connection for his construction company out in AZ.

But as a alternative, are there mirror servers? Like what games do you play? CS? Or are these private servers?


Phoenix, AZ
I've talked to cox business before, I wanted to get just a 100mbit cross connect in phoenix nap and they wanted $45/mbit with 12 month commit and 1k to "install". When the install on their end amounts to updating a config file and plugging in a cat5 cable. I imagine a fiber drop from them would cost much more.
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Irvine, CA
reply to kokkatc

Re: [CA] Unacceptable Latency to California Servers - Solution?

Simple, the issue isn't with cox but rather the servers you play on. You can either switch to AT&T while you play on servers hosted out of PEER1, or complain and moan to the NOCS at peer1, but trust me, since they have a peering agreement with cox in Dallas, and it seems only dallas. , they aren't going to change anything for you.

Also, I would advise you to change DNS to googles own DNS, or use something else, as that traceroute to google resolved to an IP all the way out in Asia it seems like. No an issue with COX, but rather your own configuration.

ipconfig /flushdns


reply to kokkatc
I live in Santee, a suburb of san diego. I play call of duty on my xbox. I have good quality of service for download 98%, but I always have a poor upload quality of service. Usually it runs at about 40%. When I run internet quality of service test out of the poway site through www.visualware.com ---
When my upload quality of service goes up to 47%, it never goes higher then 47%, I have a kill/death ratio of almost 1.00. Normally which is almost always I rarely get beter then a .6 maybe a .7 k/d ratio. The neighbor hood up the street from me, they tell me they don't have this problem. And yet cox continues to tell me everything is fine. I've had literally over a dozen cox tecs come out and check my modem router an line running in my attic. The hardware and wiring are not the problem. I believe that Coxs doesn't want to spend the money on another are hub and so there are to many people on one hub. I don't really know though. But I do know that if my download consistency is high, then there is no reason to do with anyone else then Cox for my upload quality consistancy to be low. I have premier service with a docis 3.0 modem. I dont have upload bond yet. I do have 4 channel download bonding. My internet speed is good. Its like 5-6 upload speed and 23-24 download speed. I'm really annoyed with cox. In my kill cam when I die, I constantly see that what I am seeing before I die is often, almost always, .1---.15 seconds behind what the person sees before I die. It really sucks.


Let me clarify better what I meant. When I get a upload quality of service of 40% my k/D ratio is around 0.5
When my qulity of service goes up to 47% my k/D is almost 1.0


reply to Gigantor
Oh by the way cookie, I tried that google public server by manually configuring my xbox. It didn't help. Also the nieghborhood 3 blocks away, they don't have the problems this neighborhood has. I know this because my daughter friends who live up the street kick butt on the xbox, but on my xbox they loose their shirts just like I do. I suspect the cox hub is over subscribed. The two nieghborhoods are separated by a drainage canal and I noticed that the overhead power lines don't connect over the canal. They seem to be separately networked, although not positive about that. They seem to move away from the canal to the two main streets perpendicular to the one my daughters friends and I live on. Remember my upload quality of service is 40% while my download qulity of service is 98%


One more thing. My router is configered good. I tried DMZ and then port forwards with little to no effect. All game ping bars are lit and green. So its not that. When the tecs came by they slipped up and mention that their were a lot of modem on this area hub and that they need to check to see what Cox policy was on maximum number of modems on one hub. I asked them if that was so why was the are up the street not having the same problem as I was? They said that, that area was on a different hub............. Ta DA