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Iowa native
Springfield, MA
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[Connectivity] High Packet loss

I did a shaper probe and it said something about high packet loss. I have been having intermittent connectivity issues and I've had several truck rolls. I even experimented with rental modems to rule out my purchased modem.

This is what ShaperProbe said.

Connected to server

Estimating capacity:
Upstream: 10480 Kbps.
Downstream: 58131 Kbps.

The measurement will last for about 2.5 minutes. Please wait.

Checking for traffic shapers:

Upstream: No shaper detected.
Median received rate: 10229 Kbps.

Downstream: Measurement aborted due to high packet loss rate.

For more information, visit: » ··· iffprobe

[Process completed]

At least I'm getting my provisioned speeds. But I want to be 100 percent sure that I have packet loss before I waste another tech visit to have him/her say the signal is fine, we'll refer to maintenance.

Modem is a Surfboard 6120. Signals are all good Power is +3 SNR is 37 on all four downstream channels and the upstream power on both upstream channels is 40. What puzzles me is I have uncorrected codewords in the 1500 range for a modem that was reset 24 hours ago. And the log shows a T3 error code.

Setup is two 3-way splitters with the phone modem (Arris TM722) and internet modem (SB6120) on the first splitter (both on the -7.5 leg) then a MoCA trap on the -3.5 leg going to the second splitter with the two HD boxes on the -7.5 leg and the host DVR on the -3.5 leg. I do have the AnyRoom DVR.
I've experienced ImOn (when they were McLeod USA), Mediacom, Comcast, and Time Warner. They are much better than broadcast TV.

I have not and will not cut the cord.



Stuarts Draft, VA
reply to IowaCowboy
You can't go by ShaperProbe as far as "packet loss" goes.

The wings of love
Union, NJ
said by ExoticFish:

You can't go by ShaperProbe as far as "packet loss" goes.

Why not ? It's yet another indicator of a possible problem. FWIW, every time I've had real packet loss issues either to my WAN default gateway or on the routing path to the Shaperprobe servers I got that message.