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GS108T and QoS (802.1p)

I noted an old thread with basically the same question.
as per below.

After reading the manual it appears to state in the DiffServ section that indeed it will insert 802.1p into the data packets. A tad late to answer the question below but I too am looking for a switch that did not simply read the tags and then apply switch mapped to standard, settings to the data. It is in relation to FibreOP replacement of actiontech router and handling the TV side of the IPTV signal.

Looking to see if someone can actually confirm that they
a. have actually used Diffserv on this switch, and
b. it actually tags the data packet with 802.1p IAW manual.


Previous posting.
GS108T and QOS
It does not look like this switch is able to tag any packets with QOS info based on VLAN or port. It can't prioritize any particular VLAN or port. It looks like all it does is prioritize packets based on the QOS tags they already have. However, its not capable of generating any QOS tags itself.

Is this correct?

I wanted to virtually segment my network and establish some prioritization based on switch ports, but it does not look like that is possible with this switch.
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»Re: Diff Serv (DSCP Marking) - 802.1p?