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Liverpool, NY
reply to hobgoblin

Re: Using westell 327 (DSL) for a TWC wireless router

I did and there is a IP conflict and no internet through put to my computer or wireless output. There is a post on making this modem a router with Comcast that I will try, but the wireless set up is not included.

I probably will end up buying a wireless router but would like to give this idea a go.


Austin, TX
Looking at the manual, you'd want to set the option to make Ethernet 1 the WAN port in the WAN configuration options (this will allow you to connect your cable modem to Ethernet 1, and connect your computers and stuff to the other Ethernet ports, or use wireless), set the WAN Ethernet Configuration to Protocol: Routed, and set the DHCP Client to Enable. That should make the router work just like a regular wireless router and disable DSL.

Also make sure that before you plug-in the router to the cable modem, configure the router first and make sure that you power cycle the cable modem.

I found a couple of links that essentially say the same thing about configuring this, but they were a little vague.

Whatever you do, don't enable PPPoE for the WAN interface when using the cable modem. That won't work.

It's actually nice that they have a router that allows re-use like this. I don't have one, but it sounded like an interesting idea so I looked it up.


Thanks to all for the efforts. But the my effort all goes to hell when the password written down 5 years ago does not get you in. The factory default of admin/password does not help. Off to Best Buy next week.