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Evanston, IL
reply to dtherbert

Re: [Connectivity] Latency Issue

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I ran PingPlotter for 24 hours, anybody see anything wrong with this picture?

The really bad looking part is the only time a load was present on the connection. It wasn't even that much of a load. We have a 20/4 connection, and we were only watching one Netflix HD stream and browsing the web, so maybe 2-10 Mb/s at any given time. This resulted in huge latency spikes.

As an aside, how does my connection look at all other times of the day?

If I ping the first hop after the router, that's where all the spikes come from it seems, so I think that's where the problems are. This is really making online gaming unenjoyable, so any information as to what the problem is and exactly what I can do about it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!