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Long Beach, CA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to cifuddh

Re: problem setting up access point

said by cifuddh:

I have a belkin n750 which I was using as an access point with my rev D actiontec acting as the main router. Recently I was sent a replacement actiontec which is a rev I (yay).

My problem is I am trying to set up my belkin as an access point again. I follow the instruction which becomes pretty easy considering the belkin has an access point mode. To make a long story short I get everything set up the way I want, reboot the routers, I log into the access point router fine then about 30 seconds later everything seems to lock up on the access point, I can no longer log into it. If I power cycle the access point I can once again log into it.

everything works for another 30 seconds before it fails again.

I can only assume that its the actiontec that doesn't like the belkin and maybe its kicking out or doing something strange to it..

So what am I missing?
Thank you in advance!

Sounds like an IP conflict to me...I could be wrong.