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Phoenix, AZ
reply to Bill Neilson

Re: [AZ] Moving to Arizona. Apartments with Cox? Good/Bad?

Should not be a problem with cox in an apartment/townhome/condo complex... but there are a few things I would watch out for.

First is a few years ago cox greatly increased their rates for basic cable, as it was under $10/month (the complexes actually only paid about $3-$6/month/unit) to $25 and as a result, many apartment complexes that provided free basic cable switched to alternative providers (I personally had one and 2 places around one of my current buildings switched to ygnition which is a re-branded dish service that delivers about 70-80 analog SD channels from dish and also provides a way for a satellite receiver to get its channels through the coax so you can subscribe through them to virtually any dish package... the video service was great but they only run a couple of t1 lines in to serve every (100s of) tenants.

The only issue I ever had was once they decided to re-label the lines and they mistakenly put the wrong label on my line... a few weeks later they audited the lines and put a filter on my line... had to take a day off of work to be there for them to fix it.

Another thing to consider is some complexes only offer cox phone which isn't a bad deal (or use your own voip provider) but I like having a choice.