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Saint Paul, MN

Looking for hosting reviews of site builders

As you probably know, there sites out there that are mainly for hosting such as the ones listed here: » ··· ting.php And on the reviews for those, they talk about the actual hosting such as how good the bandwidth is, how often they go down and so on.

However, on reviews for sites that focus mainly on building a site with templates that also offer hosting such as Weebly, Jimdo, and Yola, they just mention the features of the site builder and how good those are, but they stop there. I never see anything mentioned about the hosting and how good it is. Why is that? Are there any places to find reviews of the hosting for these types of sites? And if so, could someone please show me where those reviews are? That would be greatly appreciated.
»A pretty good alernative to bit torrent and newsgroups

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Warren, NJ
reply to fonzbear2000

Use the search box. There's a number of threads that are relevant to your questions.
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