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Bishop, CA

[speed/latency] Hard to stay above 'dial-up' speeds-Part 2

As of this writing, I've been in the VZ direct forum and this forum. To get here I have to make my timing just right before VZ's CO puts my SNR down below 10dB (it's been at 0 but of course I can't connect) then quickly type away here or over there at the direct forum.
I'm trying to reach 1mb/448kbs and have been set at 32kbs/160kbs, then up to 864/160, and with the help of tim_k got there with 1184/448. Now VZ sez : 'NO, you will not stay at 1184/448'. I'm back down to 864/160kbs. OK..Why? My line loop is 9k, Att down is in the 30s, SNR when 1mb was set by tim_k in the mid 20s and things were GREAT...for 2 days. Congested DSLAM? Well I was "in" thanks to tim_k (kudos again, tim) for 2 days. Why not longer?
More thanks for everyone's help and suggestions here. I'm still going to try and get to the top...