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3 months and ready to quit CB

We have had 2 technicians out to 'reset' our routers in hopes of resolving our 'laggy' picture. The picture freezes, we lose a sentence or two and it re-occurs 10 minutes later.
Each technician is very nice however, both times it was same routine and they just do not know how to resolve other than reset router leaving no confidence anything is resolved.
We typically only watch 'taped' shows and notice it consistently every night. It seem that the first couple weeks of service we did not see this issue however now it is definitely every night.
We have new equipment and full fiber with 50mb connection to our house.
Aside from the guide software being very slow and clumsy this picture freezing is the last straw.
I have emailed our salesman a final time about this issue. My wife and 3 kids want DirectV again. We will wait 1 day to see what salesman says then switch back.

Just very frustrated that they can't determine the problem.


Fort Thomas, KY
My girlfriend went through the same thing. Are you sure you have fiber to the house? She basically had fiber up the street and copper to the house. All kinds of problems with shows freezing, having to reboot, etc. etc. I have to agree the guide for cable is terrible. She ended up cancelling and going back to Insight here in N. Ky...