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Richmond, TX

Arris TG862G - can you change DNS servers?

I found no way to change DNS servers in Arris TG862G. I changed the servers on each PC to Norton's DNS and also tried OpenDNS. I flusehd my ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /all shows I am using those servers each time.

But when I test those sites DNS test to make sure, both cases, it states I am not.

I searched for Arris TG862G and found it has a bug when using third party DNS servers but those were year old reports with Comcast promising to update Arris TG862G to work with third party DNS.

Is that still a problem?

And if so, and Comcast will let swap out for another modem-router, which one should I request (I want DOCSIS 3.0 one)?

Livermore, CA

2 recommendations

I have the same gateway and i'm pretty sure you can't. As far as swapping out, Comcast seems to mainly only be lending out the TG862G now as it's the only DOCSIS 3 one. The one before it is NOT DOCSIS 3.

I suggest you get a router and have your Arris put into Bridge Mode. Not only will you be able to specificy DNS, but you'll get more control over other settings as well and will also be able to enable and use IPV6 (assuming the router you buy is IPV6 ready which most are these days)