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Bob Vance, VR
Spokane, WA

13" rMBP using non-retina optimized programs?

Hey all, I'm currently looking to upgrade my first gen Core Duo MB to a new MBP or MBA. I had settled on the MBA because I want SSD, smaller is better since I'll be in Pharmacy school all day and lugging it around, and I have a Win8 desktop to run anything my laptop may not be able to. I was all set on a 256gb 13" MBA until I saw a 13" rMBP 128gb 8gb pop onto the Apple refurbished site. I don't need more than 128gb since my music and photos/videos are stored on my desktop, so I'm seriously considering the rMBP now.

My biggest concern is working with programs not specifically made for the retina display. That resolution is higher than the 1080p 22" monitor I'm on right now, and it's 9" smaller. Does anyone have experience with the 13" rMBP using programs like word, browsing the internet, etc. that are not optimized for that resolution? Now that I know it's a possibility, I will go back to the apple store and mess around with it more (I went last night and solidified my MBA choice), but I'm very interested to hear real-world experience with it. Also, is the advertised "up to 7 hours" as legitimate with the rMBP as it is with the MBA? Because that may almost be more important.

Anyway, thanks in advance!
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Ai Otsukaholic
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Re: 13" rMBP using non-retina optimized programs?

Safari is retina optimized as is Office 2011. Non-optimized apps are scaled and look fine. Battery life on both the 13 and 15 is excellent. If I avoid running Parallels, I get over 7 hours off my 15" rMBP.