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Mississauga, ON
reply to koira

Re: 40th Canadian International Auto Show thread

Went to the show on opening day as part of a group from SVTOA-Toronto to get an advance look at Ford's fun products the Focus ST and the Fiesta ST (Got in for free)

Also got to "jump the queue" to try out the driving simulator that Ford had set up there. I ended up third fastest in our group of six, which considering I was only able to use the gas and not the brake at all, was pretty damn impressive I think

Went looking around afterwards to see what tickled my fancy (and what I could potentially drive, given my physical issues)

The Lincoln MKZ oddly enough looks to be a good candidate, especially now that they new model has replaced the shift lever with console mounted push buttons that I can access with my right hand.

Only thing that the MKZ has that causes an issue is the sunroof (and the panoramic roof options) leave me with very little headroom, to the point where I would smack my head hard on the roof should I hit a decent sized bump.

Actually that turned out to be a pet peeve over all the cars I sat in, if it had a sunroof, I would risk a concussion in the car as a driver.

One of the most disappointing cars was the new Acura ILX, a car that is supposed to be Acura's new "entry level luxury car" but the interior looks like something you would find in a low end Hyundai from 10 years ago, acres upon acres of cheap looking plastic that looked slapped together in every model they had on display and was as tight a squeeze for me to sit in as a driver as the Fiesta ST that I had sat in while at the Ford display.

The Cadillac display was so boring that I didn't even bother getting in to any of their cars and the prices as posted for the models on display were so far out of whack with the way the car looked that it made the Mercedes models in the next display over look reasonably priced (The MB cars have wonderful seats but the cars interior controls are horrifically complex)

All the day cost me was $21 to park and gas, I'd say I got my moneys worth out of it.


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Ormond Beach, FL

I would have liked to go as I have in past years but heading down the 115 to the GTA revolts me more and more as the years go on.