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Glendale, AZ
reply to signmeuptoo

Re: Tablet Discussions

said by signmeuptoo:

Well, I guess that with PCs, they ARE already divided by OS, which is what I am suggesting under a master forum for tablets. Dividing tablets or PCs by hardware is just too difficult to do I think, example: I just ordered my first factory build in 18 years, a Lenovo laptop, a G580. When I say G580, it can mean lots of things, Windows 7, or maybe 8; Intel Pentium, or maybe i3, or maybe i5; Blue, black, Brown, and on and on. Very confusing when I tried to get reviews of it.

Now OTOH, a system running Linux, if it isn't a hardware issue, we take it to all things *nix...

Yes, we can be defeatist and say "oh, it's too difficult, let's do nothing and just see what happens" but doing nothing isn't usually a good idea in business. Failing to act can be fatal for a business.

The thing is, perhaps a revamp: a General computer forum, with sub forums of "Windows or Linux Desktop" "Apple Desktop and laptop" "Windows Laptop" "Windows tablet" "Apple Tablet" "other OS tablet" and finally "micro and other computing".

My instincts are that if we just leave things as is, at some point things will devolve for PC discussions and people will drift away from this forum and, much as like what has happened to the overclocking forum, it will more or less die.

Or... We get with the program, and, well, ACT!

What is the issue with linux? If you are going computers into computers in certain degrees you better love linux at some universities. I run dual boot and as far as hardware ms or linux the same.
Plus intel intel intel. Sure. AMD faltered. Now maybe arm will pickup the slack. Linux works on arm. Either you adapt and grow or get left behind.
Overclocking died off as newest.cpu are.already fast for most users. Less need and now more fun.
In real life you can type in your 1000 lines of code any way you want. The constraint we be say what your university wants. Compile and run on centos on the mainframe using gcc . Or similar for work etc.
Then add in network or cloud computing a tablet could easily keep up with a computer.
Really would like to know what way you may go with a computer degree.

Bless you Howie