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Re: Canopy firmware

You should sync. It's best to. Especially if you or anyone else in the area is running canopy.

I'd suggest a Packetflux Syncpipe system, they are low cost and very effective. They also are not too power crazy. If you have direct questions or application questions I suggest either emailing or trying to call them. The owner is a busy guy, but he's very sharp and uses the products on his own network and I seem to recall he runs solar setups as well.

If not, at least run a sync cable between them and make one a master and the other a slave. This will keep them timed together.

You said 5750 AP so you need the DES release for the FSK line.

You need to power them up and see where they are at today before you just go blowing in firmware. There is a step process but its not terrible. They should be at least in 7.3.6, hopefully. Once they are at that level it shouldn't be too bad. I seem to recall to get them to 10 it was maybe four or five steps, but with CNUT it's pretty simple. The release notes will have all of the version stepping info for you, so do some research or maybe someone can chime in and tell you exactly. I don't recall the exact order as I just had it in Cnut in sort of a template if you will. Didn't pay time to memorize it once I figured it out the first time.

It's really a painless process but it just takes time.
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