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Albany, GA
reply to tshirt

Re: Speaking of this....

said by tshirt:

The original sign up and first mailing I got rom SamKnows said "aiming for three years of data at each location" (and implied you were then free to keep/reflash the white box back in to a standard router and keep it.)
I'm sure they would like some locations to report in perpetuity, not sure if they would send a new box just to keep you (if the other one still worked) Write them (through the dashboard) and ask (warning their replies sometimes take a few weeks in my experience, but they are there and responding eventually )

mine said two years, and i was under the impression theyd provide the firmware to unlock (been a few months over 2 years and havent heard a peep).

dont get me wrong, i dont mind doin it. but im one of those "aint nothin for free" types, my 2 years is up, id like to flash on ddwrt or a tomato variant... thing is, they WHERE working on doing that with ddwrt. i need some of those features for my network as those features are none existant in the "white box" ... yes i have it in bridge mode. but that poses its own unique problems that i wouldnt have other wise (granted its because of one specifically fickle piece of hardware on my end, but still)