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Kitchener, ON

[Cable] Robbers/TSI Cable & SMTP Services

Greetings folks,

I am about to make my next network upgrade now that I have a TekSavvy DSL with a static /28 subnet to be able to host my services. Effectively, this will mean splitting my SMTP mail relay down into 2 different machines joined by an ethernet cable. The purpose for this is to allow me to be able to communicate between the two machines, without involving the internet. This will be particularly useful when each system will have its own internet connection.

The POP3 and what will appear to my end users to be the SMTP server will both be setup on the cable connection that I'll be installing, listening on 24.212.xxx.xxx:110 and 24.212.xxx.xxx:587. Since dynamic (cable) cannot make use of outbound port 25 for spam reduction purposes, I will have to be a little creative with the routing for such requests. The Cable server will then relay said messages over to 172.168.3.xxx on port 25, at which point, that system will use the MX records to fire the message off to the respective domain on port 25, as to make the email header appear the the SMTP server that was used was the DSL connection's 173.246.xxx.xxx IP. You might expect of course that these systems do require authentication, such as the DSL system screening SMTP requests, only accepting connections from 192.168.3.xxx, as to help reduce SPAM.

Here's where the problem comes in... Currently, the location for which this new TekSavvy Cable line will be installed currently houses a cable account with Robbers Cable in a different name. Robbers tends to get very sticky when it comes to having multiple accounts within the same home, which can sometimes result in the suspension of an unrelated "child" account if the primary account holder doesn't pay the bill. In fact, they go to great lengths to ensure that this happens. The question here is if I'm adding TSI Cable internet in a different name, would it:

1) be dependant on the Robbers Cable account for services to work? (i.e. if the Robbers account goes past due, will the TSI service also be cut if it is paid for)

2) require me to list the account under the same name as the account with Robbers Cable?

3) be possible to get around #2 (if required) by means of listing the address as "Unit BSMT" or "Unit Basement" on the TSI account?

As for #3 in that list, I have previously had Robbers services (such as a Robbers Home Phone) under the "Unit BSMT" coding in the address information to previously get around this completely with Robbers Cable.

Lastly, if there is a Robbers Cable account here already, is there anything that I would need to do to have Robbers notified that there is both Robbers Cable TV and TPIA that should be here when installed? For that matter, would I need to advise TSI of any particular account information for the Robbers Cable account to be able to complete the request?


Scarborough, ON
1) No

2) No

3) Yes

Also, the only time Rogers will disconnect an account that is current when another is past due at the same address is when you have a dependent account setup. Dependent accounts require the consent of the main account holder, and they are ultimately financially responsible if the dependent account holder become delinquent. This is why they will suspend a main account if a dependent becomes severely past due. If you setup a different unit at the same address, it essentially becomes two different addresses and the two account holders are not linked in anyway whatsoever. Also Rogers does not suspend TPIA accounts if their own accounts become delinquent.


Kitchener, ON
Purrrrfect. That's what I was hoping for.

The DSL account here will handle the mail just fine, but for the system I will want to be running, cable would be a better option. Sadly, cable doesn't support a static IP (which is nothing that DDNS can't fix), which ends up meaning that outbound port 25 is restricted. That's nothing that a little route-around through the existing DSL line for the household internet can't fix though.