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Virginia Beach, VA
reply to Phantasee

Re: A worthwhile investment...

said by Phantasee:

It's all about honor in South Korea. Totally different there. Over here in the US, our honor is our credit score. Over there it's being a decent, respectable human being. Without your honor in S. Korea you are basically blacklisted from society.

I respect the honor thing but what tripped me out was this guy was infamous for low deeps and ultimately shunned by a "whole" server.

It would be different if he was a child/adolescent then i could understand it better but this is a grown man feeling the need to apologize to kids possibly about his performance in a video game. Again i admit im off base because i dont understand Korean gaming culture. Growing up i had a korean martial arts teacher and like you mentioned, teachers in Korea are to be respected. i learned the hard way lol.
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