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Brooklyn, NY
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[Tomato] Can this be achieved with WRT54GL?

I have WRT54GL running original Tomato firmware (»

My internet provider is Cablevision. Cable modem is Arris TM822 - it has neither wireless support nor wired router functionality.

WRT54GL is connected to cable modem and is configured as a wired/wireless router. To avoid network conflicts with other networks I have to connect to via VPN WRT54GL is setup to give out IP addresses in 192.168.44.* range. Most of the devices on my network, however, are configured with static IP addresses.

I just got a FreedomPop hotspot (» ··· eedompop) to be used as an internet backup (among other things). This device has wireless router functionality similar to WRT54GL. DHCP server can be disabled and there is "DMZ host" functionality on the device.

Can WRT54GL be configured to use this hotspot in place of cable modem? I imagine I would need to change "Basic/Network/Wireless mode" from "Access Point" (current setting) to something else (not sure what it is). Can my WRT54GL still function as a wired/wireless router on 192.168.44.* range the same way it does now after I change this setting?

The way see it I would configure hotspot to give out addresses in 192.168.64.* range (for instance) and WRT54GL would get an address in that range wirelessly, so this would become a double-NAT setup - not sure if this poses any problems.

On a related note: before I start experimenting I would like to save my settings so that I can easily return to the previous configuration. It seems the way to do this is via
"Administration/Configuration" backup/restore but I never used it and don't know how well it works (does it backup EVERYTHING?).