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Dumped Wave Phone back to Verizon

Had to return to Wave Phone when Verizon moved their cell tower but in less than a month with Wave Phone I went through 7 loss of service all in mid conversation for 15 to 30 minutes each, the last one was when I was canceling the service waiting for a confirmation number and everything died even the modem lights just like the others.
So back to Verizon wireless who's sound quality isn't the best but it does always work and gets the job done plus it has way more features for much less!

Port Orchard, WA
I've never been a big digital phone fan. I don't need a landline, I have a cell phone. The only reason, for my household, to have a home phone is to have calling capability during emergency situations and one that goes out when the power does is worthless...
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If you have Verizon and it works and you want land line capabilities in your home look at the Verizon Home Phone Connect, turns your land line into a cell and you can take it with you and if you are a Verizon customer and add this to your account the price goes from 19.99 unlimited use a month to $9.95, might be worth a peek.

My biggest problem with wave is I live ten miles out of Port Orchard but when the power goes out in Port Orchard (and it does a lot) my Wave internet signal also dies even though I have power and they don't, so I stick with Verizon not the greatest sound quality (two bars) but it always works!