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This is a sub-selection from Ah forgot to mention


reply to InstantOcean

Re: Ah forgot to mention

said by InstantOcean:

said by Guillaume:

The cable that was causing the problem came with the modem i bought from ebox. ^^ I aint saying they are the worst and should die right aways .... you know. I am Sharing a bad experience i had. So comment as "Totalement pas d'accord avec toi" are not suited. It is not a open opinion text. It is a real life experience. And if you love this isp this much write your own review and dont spoil other one. I am trying to expose a different point of view on their customer services. I dont thinks this site is a debate site or anything like that. Use comment to ask question not to critic others one. And as for you ebox the point in this is i was treated like shit the fault be mine or your was never the problem, your attitude and lack of respect was all that matter. I never had a service as bad as that on bell or videotron

Just by reading your reply here, I can see a few things.

1. Why not write in your own language? (Français) You clearly either lack nuance or you are quite an aggressive individual.

2. Your review might not be open for debate from your standpoint but what you fail to understand is that there are reasons why others can comment on anyone's review. If you drag a company in the mud the way you did and that most ppl have had a very different experience from yours, you can bet your lifesavers that they will, as I do here, voice their opinion, rightfully so.

3. You claim to have been treated "like shit" with a bad attitude and lack of respect from the CS dept yet you have here, in this very review, an apology from the CEO of this ISP. You go on saying that you never had such bad service from Tron-tron or Beh-Bell. I'd like to know when PKP spoke to you personally when you had an issue with Tron-tron?

For the above mentioned reasons/facts, I deem your review biased at best, and most likely very exaggerated. I am convinced that you had issues when you made the switch, that is not the point. What I'm trying to express here is that it's not because your precious little person had issues that it warrants dragging the whole team and company in the mud and write such a spiteful review. You discredit yourself by doing so.

I totally agree with this. You said pretty much everything i thought while reading this review. +1


+1 for Instant Ocean on this one! I. Ive been an ebox customer for a little over a year now and other than long wait times on the phone there customer service is juste awsome! Keep up the good work guys!
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This is a sub-selection from Ah forgot to mention